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Frogmats Australia - The Home of Frogmats® Non-Stick Magic BBQ Grill Mesh

Frogmats® now available in Australia! Gluten Free & Vegan.

Buy by the metre or purchase a 30mtr Commercial Roll 60cm wide, for your BBQ Shop and sell by the metre. Easily cut out any shape to fit a Rectangle Grill, Round Kamado or oval Primo Grill. Simply place your Grill on top of the sheet and trace around it, then cut with scissors. Easy!

Try this famous Non-Stick Teflon coated heat proof fibreglass smoking mesh. Excited? We are. No need to scrape or brush your grill bars again! Simply place a Frogmats sheet on top, for a clean Gluten Free Vegan cooking surface, does not absorb flavours or odours. Keep a spare Mat for a quick changeover for Vegetarian or Gluten Free cooking.

Smoke and Grill any food, including delicate Fish or sticky meats, then lift the Frogmats out and slide the meat off. Give it a quick clean in the sink and it's ready again. Roll up large Roasts filled with stuffing, or a Beef Fatty loaded with diced Capsicums, Jalapenos, Mushrooms etc and simply tie shut with natural string or spear 2 bamboo skewers through both sides to secure it.

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